Jaime Raybin


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts - Watkins College of Art, Nashville, TN, 2006
    3.99 GPA (summa cum laude)
  • Also studied at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Selected Exhibitions (solo and two person exhibitions in italics)

  • Center for the Digital Arts at WCC, “Streams and Channels.” Peekskill, NY, 2019. Curated by Ryan O’Hare
  • Albany Barn, “UnSaid.” Albany, NY 2018. Curated by Lisa Beerle
  • Loophole Berlin, “GRRL HAUS.” Berlin, Germany 2018
  • Public Space One, “Ms. Bigfoot: A Fanfiction.” Iowa City, IA 2018
  • Luther College, "2018 Oneota Film Festival." Decorah, IA, 2018.
  • Ludlow House, “Log Off.” New York, NY, 2017. Curated by Zach Krall and Emily Sussman
  • Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, “2017 Juried Exhibition.” Athens, GA, 2017. Juror: Harry H. DeLorme, Jr.
  • Elephant Gallery, “Coop Microcinema.” Nashville, TN, 2017. Jurors: Morgan Higby-Flowers, Jonathan Rattner, John Warren.
  • Whitespace Gallery, “Short Shorts.” Atlanta, GA 2017. Juror: Ruth Dusseault
  • Abrasive Media, “The Crappy Magic Experience.” Nashville, TN 2017
  • OZ, “Modular Art Pods.” Nashville, TN 2016. Curated by Tony Youngblood
  • Indiana University East, “National Juried Exhibition: Art + Science.” Richmond, IN 2016. Juror: Lily Simonson (catalogue)
  • 40AU, “Composite Internet Boyfriend.” Nashville, TN 2015
  • Science Center of Iowa, Grin City Pop-up Exhibition. Des Moines, IA, 2014
  • Brownlee O. Currey Gallery, Watkins College of Art and Design, “WAX #1.” Nashville, TN 2014
  • Marnie Sheridan Gallery, Harpeth Hall School, “Past, Present and Future. Platetone: Printmaking and Book Arts.” Nashville, TN 2014
  • threesquared gallery, “The Secret Room.” Nashville, TN, 2014
  • Dittmar Gallery at Northwestern University, “Suspension” with Ryan Hogan. Evanston, IL, 2011
  • Twist Gallery, “Suspension” with Ryan Hogan. Nashville, TN, 2011
  • Gallery F at the Scarritt-Bennett Center, “Figure One.” Nashville, TN, 2011
  • The Birdhouse, Off the Wall (Artist Collective) Group Show, Knoxville, TN, 2011
  • Moonbase, “The Future Show.” Nashville, TN, 2011. Curated by Co.H
  • The Frist Gallery at Nashville Ballet, “Homeschool Yearbook.” Nashville, TN, 2010
  • Foundry Art Centre, National Juried Exhibition “ Fusion: Science and Art.” St. Charles, MO, 2010. Juror: Steve Miller
  • Gallery F at the Scarritt-Bennett Center, Off the Wall presents “Talcum Fables.” Nashville, TN, 2010
  • Swanson Reed Contemporary. Louisville, KY, 2009
  • Twist Gallery, Off the Wall Group Show. Nashville, TN, 2009
  • University School of Nashville, “Milk Shelf.” Nashville, TN, 2008
  • Nashville Public Library, “Works With Words.” Nashville, TN, 2008. Jurors: Janet Higgins, Cynthia March, and Liz Coleman
  • Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, “Ingest.” Athens, GA, 2008. Jurors: Beth Sale Jaquet and Jacob Cawthon, (catalogue)
  • Dangenart Gallery, Off the Wall presents “Seamless Momentum.” Nashville, TN, 2008
  • The Renaissance Center, “Milk Shelf.” Dickson, TN, 2007
  • Frist Center for the Visual Arts, “Future/Now.” Nashville, TN, 2007
  • Twist Gallery, Plate Tone Printshop show. Nashville, TN, 2007
  • Watkins College of Art and Design, “Dinosaur Story” BFA show. Nashville, TN, 2006
  • University of the South, Secret Show Series Board Show. Sewanee, TN, 2006
  • MTSU, Todd Gallery. “12” x 12”: a national, juried exhibition of small scale works of art.” Murfreesboro, TN, 2006. Juror: Mark Scala


  • Contemporary Art Center at Woodside. Troy, NY, June 2014
  • Grin City - Culture Lab. Grinnell, IA, July 2014
  • Tiny Circus Animation Collective - Winter Residency Program. New Orleans, LA, Dec 2013
  • Tiny Circus Animation Collective - Summer Residency Program. Grinnell, IA, July 2012, July 2013

Grants and Awards

  • Best of Fest, Coop Microcinema, Nashville, TN, 2017
  • “Most Original” and “Best Soundtrack”, Modular Art Pod Awards (The Poddys), Nashville, TN, 2016
  • Professional Development Grant for “Suspension” with Ryan Hogan, Tennessee Arts Commission, 2011
  • Creative Capital Professional Development Workshop, 2011
  • Best in Show, Customs House Museum Juried Exhibition, Clarksville, TN, August 2006
  • 2nd Place, “12” x 12””, Todd Gallery at Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN, January 2006

Jurying/Curatorial Projects

  • Brentwood Academy, “Arts in April” – Juror. Nashville, TN, April 10, 2014
  • Western Kentucky University, “Border Crossings” – Co-curator. Bowling Green, KY, January 2010
  • NAACP Nashville Branch ACT-SO Competition – Juror for African-American High School Competition, in categories of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture. Nashville, TN, March 28, 2009 and April 17, 2010
  • 310 Chestnut St, “I-24” – Juror for Secret Show Series affiliated juried exhibition, featuring student artwork from the University of the South (Sewanee, TN), and Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, TN.) Nashville, TN, Dec 2, 2005
  • 310 Chestnut St, “Full Acquittal” – Juror for Secret Show Series national juried exhibition. March 11, 2006

Artist Lectures

  • Dittmar Gallery at Northwestern University, “Suspension” with Ryan Hogan. Evanston, IL, 2011
  • Gallery F at the Scarritt-Bennett Center, “Figure One,” Nashville, TN, 2011
  • Gallery F at the Scarritt-Bennett Center, “Talcum Fables,” Nashville, TN, 2010
  • Frist Center for the Visual Arts, “Artist’s Forum: Off the Wall Art Group,” Nashville, TN, 2009
  • The Renaissance Center, Off the Wall Art Group, Dickson, TN, 2009
  • Nashville Public Library, “Works with Words,” Nashville, TN, 2008
  • Watkins College of Art and Design, “Dinosaur Story,” Nashville, TN, 2006

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